This guy’s “nail-biting” behavior gone wrong when he sliced open his finger

People all have weird habits that they somehow find hard to undo in their lives. Some are obsessed with always touching their hair, some just can’t keep their eyes off a mirror while others can’t help but chew on their fingernails!

Well, you probably know quite a few people who practice chewing on their nails as their lives depend on it. But, did you know that excessive nail biting can lead to a dangerous life-threatening situation?

That is what happened with 48-year-old Steven MacDonald who had sliced open his left finger, leaving it gushing with blood, after nibbling on it for quite a long time.

Image by: SWNS via Daily Mail

At first, Steven and his wife thought the blood would just eventually stop and Steven will be back to his old habit again. However, that is not the case because his wound got infected and doctors were claiming it could have cost him his life if he wasn’t given medical attention on time.

A few days after the incident, Steven noticed that his finger is starting to balloon and a rash is also developing up his forearm. This urged Karen Peat, his wife to seek medical help. According to Daily Mail, Steven was diagnosed with paronychia – a bacterial infection of the skin around the fingernail – which had spread to his bloodstream.

Image: Facebook via Daily Mail

Paronychia, according to Healthline, is an infection of the skin around your fingernails and toenails. Bacteria or a type of yeast called Candida typically cause this infection. The infection can become severe and even result in a partial or complete loss of your nail if it’s not treated.

Image: SWNS via Daily Mail

While in the hospital, he was given a strong dose of antibiotics and was rushed for emergency surgery to have the wound drained and cleaned. As of writing time, he is now resting and is hoping for a fast recovery while still resisting himself from a habit he practiced for too long.

Steven was considered lucky by the physicians who attended to him as he was able to avoid the worst situation – him being dead because of nail-biting.