Student captured writing notes on a banana leaf earns praise online

In the present generation, most young ones especially students rely on the use of cellphones or laptops when it comes to taking down notes on a class. Well, taking a lot of things into consideration, it really is more convenient to do so rather than take minutes or even hours of writing words into notebooks.

However, this kid begs to differ with the current trend in the way of learning of students. Apparently, he was captured writing his notes on a piece of Banana leaf! (Who would have thought that such an ancient way of writing is still possible today?

In a post by a Facebook user named Arcilyn Balbin Azarcon, photos of a student writing a math problem on a piece of Banana leaf can be seen. According to the post, Azarcon instructed her students to get their notebooks and copy the writings on the board.

She recalls that after she was done writing notes on the board, she went around the room to see if the students are being obedient to her request. But, what caught her attention is not those who fail to copy the writings but this particular student of hers who was diligently writing everything on a piece of Banana Leaf!

Azarcon was really impressed by the student’s perseverance to still strive and continue studying despite the poverty that he is going through. He sure is one exemplary example of the old saying “poverty is not a hindrance to success.”

To Azarcon’s surprise, the said student even gladly went up to her and said: “Ma’am, please check my writings too so I could earn some points.”

Azarcon was just too glad to encounter such kind of student in his years of teaching. She even left a reminder for every student out there to exert effort in taking down notes as although society has now changed, nothing still beats learning through writing.