Teacher worries very much to wife when her father-in-law died, gets an unexpected gesture from a silent student in class

The pure and innocent minds of children can be easily influenced by both good and bad ideas depending on what the adults around them manage to instill. As to the parents, what they only want is to make their children learn good manners and proper etiquette because as long as a person practices these two behavior patterns, he or she can surely go a long way.

Just like this little but heartwarming gesture done by a kid to her teacher that melted thousands of hearts online. In a short post Facebook shared by Price Lawrence, a teacher at an unmentioned school, he did not expect to receive such an innocent but sincere act from his student.

According to his post, while he was conducting his class to his first period students, the kids could tell that something is wrong with him. He explained by saying that his wife’s father passed away and he was only worried about her.

The children said they were really sorry but despite what he was going through, Lawrence still went on with the school activities and lesson for the day. Moments later, while the kids was on their way out of the classroom, a little girl put something in Mr. Lawrence’s hand.

The little girl said, “This is for your wife. I know it was real expensive when my daddy died and I don’t really want ice cream today anyways.” What she put on Mr. Lawrence’s hand turned out to be a piece of paper with “Ms Laerence Im Sorry” written on it and a few coins (which we assume is the money she intended to buy ice cream).

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The gesture can sure be considered simple, but if we think about it, if all the people in the world could think the way that little girl does, this world can really become a better place to live in.