Poor-looking guy buys luxury bike worth $24,000 in cold cash

We can’t take away the fact that most people in this world judge others by just looking at their physical appearance. If you are one of those people who dresses like homeless man, there is a huge chance you will be thrown out of a mall or a fast food you are trying to get it in.

However, it seems the saying “Do not judge a book by its cover” is more than just an old saying as this shabbily looking old man from Thailand proved when he bought a Harley Davidson bike in a motorcycle dealing shop with cash.

The elderly man was wearing an over-sized dirty t-shirt, a pants and a pair of slippers as he went from a one shop to another. Just like most people, the old man was judged by most of the salespeople because of his appearance and barely threw him out as if he can’t afford anything.

Fortunately, the old man finally found a shop who treated him with great hospitality despite of his appearance and as mentioned finally had the chance to buy the bike he has his eyes on with the cash he was carrying with him ฿600,000 (around $24,000).

After you find out the old man’s true identity, you won’t be so surprise on how he got that huge amount of money. The old man was later identified as Lung Decha, an honest and diligent mechanic who has partially retired from work and decided to use some of his savings to buy his dream bike.