Poor grandma struggles to find phone she can afford for grandson’s online classes

With the continuous threat of the spread of coronavirus to many more people across the globe, many groups are now considering shifting into the “contactless” scheme which requires people to just interact with one another online. One of these groups is the people in the education sector especially in its plan to hold “online” classes.

However, it is a known fact that not every student has access to technology and some are even struggling to afford certain gadgets that can connect them to the online world. That is exactly the case with this poor student who, despite their situation had to buy a smartphone just to attend his online classes.

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According to Rachfeed, a man named Jatupol Boriboon is working at a cellphone shop in Rattanaburi, Thailand shared his experience of encountering an old woman together with her grandson. The two went to the store and asked for a phone that is worth 2,ooo baht ($62) because that is all the money they have.

Unable to hold back his curiosity, Boriboon asked as to who will use the phone, with this, the grandma said that it will be for her grandson to use so that he can attend his online classes. Sadly, Boriboon cannot do anything with their situation as there is no smartphone from their store that only costs as with the budget of the two.

Image: Jatupol Boriboon/Facebook

Boriboon was also unsure whether they were able to buy one from other stores because the budget they have is really small for a smartphone.

Meanwhile, Boriboon’s post gained quite a lot of attention as many people expressed their opinion regarding the issue of the pros and cons of online education and also its implication especially that we are now facing a pandemic.

We may all agree that education is a very vital part of the lives of people but as the opinions on the suspension of the school year are being pushed by many citizens, government agencies should also weigh their options regarding this matter because the lives of our children are at stake in this issue.