Police buys guy a cake after catching him speeding because his family forgot his birthday

Strict implementation of the many traffic laws is badly needed so that motorists will learn discipline and in the long run, prevent road accidents. This is why authorities are stepping up their game when it comes to implementing traffic rules.

But, it turns out that not everyone is sticking to just the strict rules as there are some whose soft spot still comes to play. Just like in this recent report where a Thai policeman made headlines when he caught a teenager speeding on a motorbike without a license plate. However, instead of arresting him, the officer bought the rebel teen a birthday cake instead!

According to World of Buzz, the officer, who is also known as Kanokpan Putthapong, explained: “I was on duty. This motorcycle was driving over the speed limit with NO helmet or license plate so I decided to arrest him.”

However, the motorcyclist unexpectedly burst into tears! The concerned officer felt compelled to ask him what was going on. The troubled teen then shared that he had just left his brother’s condominium in a rage because it was his birthday and none of his family members seemed to care about it.

Upon sensing the boy’s distress, Mr.Putthapong gently told him to sit and calm down before going back home. The gracious officer then headed to the nearest 7-11 to buy the neglected teen a cake with lighted candles.
He presented the gift to the surprised boy and soothed the teen before letting him off with a warning.

The teenager was so moved by the officer’s actions, he cried again. But this time, they were tears of joy. The policeman originally posted a photo of him and the boy on his Facebook with the caption, “Happy birthday, bro. This year, the police will buy you a birthday cake.”

Indeed, a small act of kindness can go a long way. May this policeman serve as an example and a reminder for everyone to always spread kindness wherever we go.