Parents thought they received a new TV on their anniversary but it’s not what they expect when they opened the box

The love of parents to their children is incomparable, the same goes with the children to their parents. Although there may be misunderstandings between them in the course of a lifetime, still, the kind of love that family members give to each other is still the best kind of love.

Given the kind of close family that most Filipino household have, it is a given fact that oftentimes ‘pranks’ happen. Just like this viral post by Jocas Ramos on social media.

Jocas captioned the post by saying, “Happy Silver Anniversary Mom and Dad!! We love you!!! You liked our surprise?” In a series of photos that accompanied the post, the ‘surprise’ gift of the siblings to their parents was revealed.

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At first, a box that somehow resembles one that contains a flat screen television can be seen in the photo. The parents were really surprised with such an extravagant gift from their children.

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Next, the mom initiates the act of opening the gift be using a scissor to cut the tape that encloses the box.

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Then, a styropor was seen as a cover to what was really inside the box.

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The parents were surprised and quite disappointed when they found out that the box does not really contain a television.

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What’s inside the box is just a foldable table.

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The surprise gift was really hilarious that it caught the eyes of eagle-eyed netizens which caused the post to become viral. It now has more than 6,000 reactions and more than 3,000 shares.

Most netizens also commented that they now have an idea as to what to gift they will give to their parents in the future.