Take a look at this very expensive fish in the Philippines at 5,000 pesos per kilogram

The Philippines, being an archipelago is abundant with natural resources especially from the ocean and other bodies of water. This is why there are people who prefer to live near the sea or the river because their livelihood depends on it. But, have you ever seen the supposed ‘most expensive’ fish in the Philippine waters?

Allow us to give you details about its existence.

The Lobe River Mullet or locally known as “Ludong” is an endemic species that can only be found in the river of Cagayan in Cagayan Valley. There are even stories that claim that this type of fish is a favorite of the former president, Ferdinand Marcos which explains its nickname of ‘President’s Fish’.

Back in the days, the Ludong was still abundant in these areas but now, it has become rare to catch one. So, when fishermen catch one, it is as if they were able to hit a jackpot.

The team of Jessica Soho went with a group of fishermen to try and catch a Ludong. After more than seven hours of braving the currents of the Cagayan River, the group was able to arrive at the place where Ludongs can be found. They then waited for night to come and prepared all their materials for catching a Ludong. However, after four hours, they were still unable to catch one.

On the other hand, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources of Cagayan is now conducting research on how to reproduce Ludong so that it can be abundant in their rivers again.

The Ludong now serves as another example that every creature in our environment has its limits. People should understand that we should co-exist with fishes, and all the other animals on this planet so that life will go on and on for the longest possible time.

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