Husband plants 6,000 trees to honor wife, 17 years later his secret message is revealed

Because of love, people are able to do things that others may perceive as impossible. This is the kind of power that this invisible but very strong emotion carries.

This particular man named Winston Howe is no exception to the binding spell of love.

In an article by Newsner, it was revealed that Winston was happily married to a woman named Janet. Everyone who knew the couple was a living witness to their great love for each other.

Unfortunately, after 33 years of marriage, Janet died because of a heart attack. The tragic event happened 20 years ago. And to pay homage to his beloved wife, Winston planted 6,000 oak trees on a farm in southwest England.

But what makes Winston’s tribute so special is what he concealed inside the forest—a heart-shaped meadow.

His beautiful declaration of love was kept hidden from the world for 17 years. But in 2012, Winston’s secret was finally discovered.

A man named Andy Collett was up in his hot air balloon when he looked down and saw the heart from the sky. Now, his pictures are spreading all over the world.

Winston still recalls that he sometimes walks to the heart-shaped meadow to think back on the great times he spent with Janet.

“It is a lovely and lasting tribute to her which will be here for years,” Winston said.

The point at the bottom of the heart points to the farm where Janet grew up, and during the spring, daffodils fill the meadow.

Awwww, this is surely an incomparable expression of love and we have no other words but commendation for Winston.

You can watch a short video of the heart-shaped meadow here: