Guy gets repeatedly ignored by cellphone stores for shabby appearance gets help from a friendly Oppo saleslady

They say the appearance of a person really affects their overall personality. However, there are some people especially those engaged in the business sector who take this saying in a literal sense, specifically discriminating potential customers who look ‘poor’ with the outfit they wear and their appearance as a whole. On the other hand, those people who look ‘rich’ are treated and given the best service that their sales representatives could offer.

This is exactly the kind of discrimination this viral man went through. He came to various cellphone stores inside a mall looking unkempt and wearing shabby clothes. Because of this, he was allegedly ignored by the staff when he inquired about the phones they are selling.

Without giving up hope, he managed to come across an Oppo store. There, a friendly sales lady named Pinky Baylosis willingly catered to his needs. She did not judge the said guy by his appearance, instead, she demonstrated an OPPO A37 costing Php6,990 ($135) to him.

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According to Definitely Filipino, as the two were having a conversation, the guy mentioned that he went to several stores but the staff did not show him demos of the phones they are selling; perhaps thinking that he will not be able to pay for any of the phones.

Despite his unpleasant experience, he still managed to smile. On Pinky’s post, she said that the guy even apologized that he only had 100 and 50 peso bills to pay for the phone. A proof that the money he is using is truly a product of his hardwork.

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