Guy asks a millionaire why still using an old phone and car the fact that he can easily buy sports car and lots of iphone X, his answer made everyone SALUTE!

In a world full of material things, people often measure how ‘rich’ a person is by the kind of material possessions they have. From the latest gadgets, the most expensive cars and even the size of the house they live in. When one sees that you have material belongings, you are instantly dubbed as a ‘rich’ person.

However, riches is not only measured by the material things one person has. Just like this viral conversation posted by a netizen named Shane DaPhoneguy Williams. According to the post, Williams had a conversation with a millionaire in Atlanta.

Their conversation was about Williams questioning the millionaire about his choice of buying material things. The Millionaire has a phone which is an old model of iPhone 5s. Williams said “Why, when you can afford iphone 10(X)?”, the millionaire responded: “Do I NEED it? My phone isn’t broken.”

The millionaire also has a car but it was a 2012 Honda Pilot. Seeing that, Williams again asked: “You can afford a Masserati, why not?”

The millionaire answered, “my APR was 0.9 , it’s paid off and still running, why do I need that. I can buy 10 cash right now, but it’s a car. Why would I want to impress people with less money than me? My credit score impresses lenders, that’s most important in life.”

The moral of the short conversation is that one does not need to show off that they are rich. After all, humility is still a virtue. The important thing is for a person to be contented with what he has and not aspire for more than he can afford.