FUNNY: Guy from courtship asks help from his friend for his fare

Oftentimes, when guys try to impress the girl they like, they would go through various hardships just to get the sweet yes of the apple of their eyes.

As a guy, to what extent are you willing to take your courtship to? Will you be someone like this viral guy?

In a post by Mark Belina, he shared a video and screenshots of his conversation with his friend Lexel Gaboy who happens to not have enough money to pay for his fare after going to the house of the girl that he likes.

Mark captioned the post by saying: “PS. wag pupunta sa nililigawan pag walang pamasahe pa balik” (Don’t go to the house of the person you like if you don’t have enough fare to come home.)

The conversation of the two started off with Lexel asking for help – the financial type. Specifically, he wants to borrow money amounting to “five pesos.”

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Apparently, Lexel was riding a van and the money he has is no longer enough to pay for his fare. He suggested that Mark should meet him outside their house where the van will stop.

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Lexel even hilariously asked Mark to not to log out from messenger as he has no other ways to contact him.

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Lexel then said that he is now near Mark’s house and he is riding a white van.

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Then, he finally arrived and Mark took the initiative to take a video of his friend getting off from the van.

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See the full video here: