Dog waits in a church everyday where he last saw his master during her funeral

We all say that a dog is a man’s bestfriend and it seems this is not a simple phrase or whatnot, but in fact a reality. Several movies like My Dog Skip and Hachi: A Dog’s Tale portrayed this perfectly as the two main dog characters are shown to be very loyal to its human owner and the emotions drawn from the dogs are just breaking.

The same thing can be said to loyal 7-year old German Shepherd named Tommy. In a small town San Donaci in Italy, the loyal dog Tommy is seen to attend the mass nearly everyday and sits patiently by the altar until the mass is over, waiting for his beloved owner to appear.

Loyal Tommy belonged to a 57-year old woman named Maria Margherita Lochi. It is said that Mrs. Lochi rescued and adopted Tommy when he was just a puppy and has formed close relationship between the two ever since. Tommy has been her faithful companion and would walk to church with him from her home every day.

Sadly, Loyal Tommy had no clue that his beloved owner Mrs. Lochi already passed away and that the last time he saw her was her funeral a couple of months ago.

People who attend mass all know the loyal dog and seeing him attend the daily service is normal to them.

Moreover, the townspeople were kind enough and decided to take care of Tommy as if he was their own dog for they believe that it is exactly how Mrs. Lochi would have wanted. Tommy is treated as a friend by everybody and probably seen as one of most loyal dogs they ever met.

Tommy’s story just goes to show you, that a dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than you love yourself.