Collector of left over food then now turned to a CEO of her own company

Collecting left-over food for pigs can be both a very exhausting and disgusting job at the same time. It takes a lot of self-restraint and effort to not stop doing such type of job. But, do you know that someone who has been doing such in the past is now the owner of a four-star hotel, restaurant, cafe, commercial building, and a two-story house!

Life sure has its own way of making things unfold. Meet 40-year-old Josephine, who turned her life from collecting left-over food to collecting real properties.

In her interview with Jessica Soho, Josephine recalls how she was criticized back in high school for eating eggs as viand every single day. She even revealed that she experienced eating inside the CR so that she can no longer hear the criticism from her classmates.

In order to continue studying in college, Josephine decided to become a working student. She even worked at a fast-food chain and a part-time teller at a bank. Seeing that she can gain money, Josephine thought that it would be better to just work and no longer finish her studies.

She did so and worked abroad for a few years. There she met her husband and later on went back to the Philippines when her father died.

Back in her hometown, Josephine did numerous jobs and confessed to being “ambitious” for the future of her children. Since she knew how to speak the Mandarin language, her husband’s boss gave her a chance to become a real estate agent and sell the townhouses that he owns.

For every townhouse that she can sell, Josephine earned a commission of $10,000 which enabled her to sed all her kids to private schools.

Later on, luck followed her and she met an investor in the person of Dr. Johnson Yan, a Taiwanese businessman who happens to be the father of one of Jocelyn’s mandarin students. The two became partners and the rest of Josephine’s success is history.

Now, Josephine can proudly say that she is living her dream and that the struggles she went through to be where she is now were all worth it.

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