Anne Curtis dressed up as a “Rag Vendor” to help a family on Lenten Season

As part of the noontime show, “It’s Showtime’s” effort to give back to their viewers for the avid support to the show, the hosts make it to a point where they would help those in need in any way they could.

Just like what one of the hosts, Anne Curtis did during her part in the Lenten Special of the noontime show. This year, Anne decided to help the family of Maring and Carlos Cinco.

The said family’s main source of income is selling rags to motorists under the scorching heat of the sun.

We learned from the Pilipino News that Anne willingly agreed to help them by disguising herself as a vendor and experience the job firsthand.

During the interview on It’s Showtime’s Lenten Special, Anne expressed her want to experience how it is to be on the shoes of the people she will help.

“Ilalagay mo kasi iyong sarili mo on a daily basis kung anong ginagawa nila para kumita ng pera. Kailangan ko gawin bitbitin lahat ng ginawa nilang basahan. Sobrang bigat. Dadaanan ka lang nila,” Anne said.

Anne also confessed that in the duration of her plight, she almost gave up because it was really hard to sell on the streets but what kept her motivated is the realization that this kind of thing happens to Cinco family on a daily basis and that she might as well be able to survive this.

“At one point, gusto ko na umiyak kasi parang ito iyong nangyayari sa kanila. Parang dadaanan lang sila ng mga tao. Imagine you’re there trying to sell pieces given by your lola or mom. Gusto mo makabenta kasi wala kayong kakainin tapos walang pumapansin sayo? Ang hirap naman ng ginagawa nila,” the 33-year-old actress shared.

At the end of the day, Anne successfully sold out all the rags and was able to give the money she gained to the Cinco family along with other things given to them by the show.

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