Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo inulan ng paghanga sa kanyang post.

Manila – Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo draws praises from, not only her followers but also for non followers as she uploaded on her Instagram account her “simpliest form”

On her personal Instagram account, the Filipina beauty queen shared a no-make up video that in no time gained thousands of likes.

“I live in a cruel industry. I’m always compared to different girls. People have always something to say like, “You’re not beautiful enough. You’re so thin. I don’t like what you wear.”

Rabiya opened up having unsolisited comments about her physical looks.

“But then life is never superficial. It’s not always what’s attractive to our eyes but it’s the love we choose to build, the connection we make to people and how we want to celebrate ourselves!.”

“This is the real me. No make up. No heavy hair extensions. Nothing fancy to wear. Just me.
Even in my simplest form, I know in my heart I am nothing less than phenomenal.”

Her Instagram post was supported by some celebrities and friends

Last year Mateo was accused of being “retokada” due to her high school photo was leaked online

But our Ilongga beauty queen disaffirmed the speculations about her undergoing surgery to improve her looks.

“This is me 11 years ago. I still didn’t have my braces. I don’t (know) how to put on make-up. I’m not aware of what angle flatters me most but that is still me.

“A lot of things happened that in that period of time. I grew up and become more mature. I was able to invest in myself and practice self-love. If there would be one thing that I want other people to know about me is that I’m beautiful then and now. The only thing different is now, I know better.

“Stop calling anyone ugly. If that’s how you see things and maybe then, it’s your soul that needs surgery.”